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Improve your sales with focused and highly targeted marketing.

Marketing Solutions

Our services include database marketing, demand generation, social media analytics, market intelligence, list brokerage, and email marketing.

Horizon Asia Partners
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Horizon Asia Partners

Horizon Asia Partners is a company that addresses the marketing requirements of international clients. We offer telemarketing, e-marketing, and complementary services that power your lead generation pipeline and boost sales. We provide multi-lingual services that push your business to new levels of success in multiple countries. Using the latest calling technology, we make clear and economical phone calls to anywhere in the world on behalf of our clients. We can tailor our services to fit most situations that comply with international calling regulations.

  • From producing leads to appointment setting, locking in sales, follow-up calls, client retention, and online marketing – we have all areas covered.

Business Expertise

Horizon Asia Partners creates and implements the best strategic, targeted marketing plans to help your business grow. We have experience with many different business sectors and products and quickly learn new technologies.

Financial Services

Financial companies turn to Horizon Asia Partners for lead generation, appointment setting, telemarketing, follow-up calls, and much more. We have a deep understanding of the unique terminology used in the financial services sector, in addition to the legal and compliance concerns. We also have a general knowledge of most financial service products.


Horizon Asia Partners works with several companies with products and services in the healthcare sector. We offer lead qualification and other telemarketing and online marketing solutions and have experience managing the many challenges that affect healthcare and medical professionals. Appointment booking for online consultations is a key growth area.


Horizon Asia Partners conducts quality telemarketing, sales lead generation and qualification, appointment setting, and other related services for companies that produce key parts and leading-edge technologies, including enterprise solutions and companies with technologies that are critical components of consumer products.

Insurance and Security

Producing enough good-quality leads is probably the biggest hurdle for insurance sales. Horizon Asia Partners can help you conquer this challenge, quickly increase your lead pipeline, and help keep those leads warm until they are sales-ready. With Horizon Asia Partners behind you, your lead generation and qualification needs will be addressed, resulting in more sales and an improved bottom line.


There are many alternative ways to run a telemarketing or online marketing campaign. This is why it's essential you use the services of a company with lots of experience working with manufacturing businesses. Our long experience helping manufacturers sell new and often technically complicated products, plus our marketing acumen, all point to Horizon Asia Partners being the company for all manufacturers looking to boost sales.


Telecommunications is the sector that we worked with the most and the longest. We supply telecom companies with B2B lead generation, qualification, and outbound telemarketing campaigns. We understand the sector and speak your language, presenting you with the decision-makers that will help your sales funnel grow.