Everything You Need for Channel-Partner Success

Reach New Markets With Channel Partners

In today’s marketplace, having a single marketing channel cannot sustain the ambitious sales growth goals every organization seeks. You need to expand channel partners to reach new markets, generate demand for your products, and drive sales.

Partner programs have never been more accessible. With our top-of-the-line services, you will reach new channel partners, or at the very least, manage your existing ones more effectively.

Horizon Asia Partners

Channel-Partner Success Services


Analyze Your Partners And Channels To Discover New Opportunities

Right now, you are more than likely missing out on great opportunities. We’ll conduct research to uncover:

  • Geographic Areas Full Of New Sales Potential

    Horizon Asia Partners will help you discover cities, regions, and countries that you’re not currently penetrating – that you should be.

  • Channel Partner Performance

    We’ll identify if you have partners that are bringing your success rates down. We’ll review how quickly partners respond to qualified leads and the results they actually achieve. Moreover, you’ll receive a performance review filled with specific metrics that enables you to focus on the best and take out the rest.


Create Profiles Of Your Top-Performing Partners

We identify the traits of channel partners that will gain profit from selling your products or solutions and that will take up the challenge on your behalf.

How? you might ask. We will look at your current partners’ actual performance – growth, profitability, sales, and everything that leads to success. We filter the top performers, identify winning attributes, and reverse-engineer successful strategies to create the perfect partner profile. Now you can efficiently target the right partners to benefit you and discover who are the ones you should end your relationships with.


Enlist Ideal Channel Partners

After building your own lists or acquiring lists of prospective partners, we:

  • Help close the deal when you’re ready to move forward.
  • Relay their information to you if they are interested and meet your criteria.
  • Understand the perspective of business leaders and see how a partnership with your company could benefit them.

Develop Your Partnerships And Build Loyalty

Once you’ve enlisted a partner, it’s not the end of the story. It’s just the beginning. Now it’s time to develop the relationship and provide the support they need to drive sales.

If you are providing leads to your partners, we will transfer those leads, manage their sales pipelines, track activity, and ensure they thoroughly work qualified leads. If your company does not have the right resources to provide leads, we provide lead generation and lead qualification services to keep your partners busy.


Working with Horizon Asia Partners is like having a team of expert channel partner managers on call whenever you need them. Our highly educated, experienced sales specialists work with you and your channel partners to achieve your sales goals.