Optimized Communication

When you personalize, measure, and optimize your communication, you achieve exceptional results. Horizon Asia Partners' email marketing service is a vehicle that allows you to do that. A cost-effective way to communicate, email marketing has all the qualities and features that enable you to keep your name in front of prospects, customers, and partners and measure, track and receive immediate feedback. When you personalize, measure, and optimize your communication, you achieve exceptional results.

Achieving precise results, though, is not as straightforward as you think. You need these ingredients in your campaign: email expertise, proven processes, and advanced systems. That’s where Horizon Asia Partners can help.

Email Marketing Services That Deliver Results

Each campaign is unique, and Horizon Asia Partners develops a custom strategy for delivering relevant and creative content, sent in a timely matter to your prospects via email for every campaign. We formulate and roll out appropriate strategies for delivering relevant, creative, and timely content to your prospects via email. We assimilate email in all proper places in your marketing campaign to achieve the perfect media mix.

We will measure, test, and optimize campaigns so that you achieve outstanding results.

Emails can be effectively used for new product releases, surveys, newsletters, announcements, and prospecting. A well-thought-out and correctly composed email will perform exceptionally well when complemented by the use of best practices.

Your email campaign should let you:

  • Gain Insights From Measurement - Track how many readers go to your landing page, the number of delivered and opened emails, and which links are visited.
  • Optimize Campaigns With A/B Testing - Test one email against your best-performing email (control) to determine, for example, which subject line appeals more to people who open it or which call to action persuades people to click through to your landing page. The more you learn, the more you earn.
  • Keep Email Lists Tidy - Set up rules to discard bounced emails from your list, so you can keep your delivery rates high. We’ll merge and purge lists so you don’t send duplicate emails, and if someone wants to unsubscribe, our system takes care of it instantly.
  • Make Conversions Easy With Personalized Messages - We use mail merge and list analysis to personalize messages and boost response rates. For example, you can address your contact by name, create specific messages based on each market division’s needs and interests, and personalize other fields as needed.
  • By dividing and targeting your emails, you’ll be able to send fewer messages to each person on your list, but because they’re appropriately focused, you’ll increase the number of responses.
  • Schedule Delivery Times for Maximum Engagement - We can also test delivery times, find out which performs best, and send your emails out at the same time. Alternatively, we can set up an auto-responder email set that sends out emails on an arranged schedule to ensure your leads receive ongoing nurturing.
  • Respond Immediately for Higher Conversions - The minute a potential prospect opens or clicks on your email, our system notifies our business development specialists, who respond right away when the lead or prospect is looking for solutions. The chance of qualifying a lead that is contacted within 5 minutes is 20 times greater than if you wait 30 minutes.