Horizon Asia Partners

Have Confidence in Your Campaigns

Is your marketing and sales organization experiencing any of the following issues?

  • Wasting valuable time because of duplicate data.
  • Losing data when files are merged.
  • Incomplete or outdated email addresses, telephone numbers, physical addresses, or any other contact detail.
  • Unavailable or no demographic data, such as sales volume or SIC codes, makes accurate targeting next to impossible.
  • Unsynchronized activities among related or dependent departments such as IT to ensure that pertinent data is flawless before you launch your next campaign.

If your organization faces any of these challenges, you should seriously consider our data and list management services. Having Horizon Asia Partners manage your lead data and lists gives you the confidence to launch campaigns and know that your campaign efficiently targets the right people, with all the critical information at your fingertips.

Data And List Management Services

When you use our advanced processes and systems, you are standing on a platform with a proven 10-year track record of building, managing, and enhancing lead data.

You’ll be able to:

  • Leverage the competitive edge gained from accurate data.
  • Create personalized campaigns that are more powerful than generic campaigns
  • Consistently meet your targeted campaign launch date
  • Save valuable resources

Data List & Management